What job do you do?

The Long Road Ahead from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_Long_Road_Ahead.jpg

One of the problems I've faced recently is in describing what I do in my various business ventures. I'm a company director and a digital strategist. But I'm also a blogger, a trainer, a public speaker, a change manager, an operations and project manager, I do business development, and on occasion, I can even do ...

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Let’s talk about cheating

Paul Downey. Cheat Like an Artist, https://www.flickr.com/photos/psd/13914714006/

Now on to interesting stuff.  An excerpt I tweeted this morning from a new book on digital education has fired my passion again on the subject of cheating and digital technologies.  The 'cheating' to which I'm primarily referring relates to assessment in educational contexts - exams, essays, research projects and so on.  But I think ...

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Quick update on what I’m doing

So very quickly - before I get back to blogging about stuff that's interesting - I'm now working as a private consultant as well as co-founding one new company (which I can't really talk about yet) and one existing company which is moving in to new territory around executive business training programmes.  I've also been ...

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Recent posts & moving on


Having departed from 1000heads, I'm now doing consultancy work before making a proper decision as to my next venture.  There are a few offers on the table and I'm currently assessing them all before making a final decision. In the meantime, here are my last 5 posts to the 1000heads blog: Point of View | Negative customers ...

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The Relationship between Conversations and Business Innovation

On my recent trip to London, I spent a lot of time catching up with friends on a one-to-one basis. I find this useful because I get more time to ask questions, hear about projects, and share my experiences and responses. It's something you just don't get enough time to do at parties or at ...

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Recent blog posts and articles

It's been a while since I've updated this blog, but I haven't been lazy.  There are several posts and articles from me running around the traps.  Here's a few: The True Meaning of a Digital Enterprise: wherein I discuss the role of technology in facilitating human communication; What stops people sharing: wherein I explore the motivation for ...

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Opening session at Optus Vision 2013

Disclosure: Optus Business is my client at 1000heads.  I'm blogging at this event as a paid participant. Ellen Fanning is here opening the event, and has noted the event is carefully curated. Optus Business MD John Paitaridis takes to the stage to introduce Greg Pearce , MLC who formally opens the event.  Pearce notes that unless ...

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The Fourth Estate and Social Media

U87 microphone from Wikimedia commons

Last night's ABC TV programme, MediaWatch, opened a bit of a floodgate on the issue of what constitutes journalism in social channels following the show. This is interesting partly because it was evidence of what the show essentially concluded - that the active social audience is more interested in research and debate than mainstream media ...

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A Post-Advertising World?

Vintage coke ad

I should start this post by pointing something out: I don't work in the advertisng industry. I even question whether I'm technically a marketer. I like to think of myself as a communicator and hope I was an effective educator for awhile there. But I see myself more as someone who aspires to improve operational ...

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Updates in JJland

Well it's been a busy few months.  Christmas and new year have come and gone and I'm flat out at 1000heads working with new clients and getting things into gear for the rest of the year.   I've also been releasing the occasional blog post.  Here are a few since I last posted: Australia must wake ...

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