Muru-D SYD3 Demo Night LIVE!


I'm here at the Telstra Customer Insights Centre for the Demo Day for Cohort 3 of Telstra's Muru-D. I'll be liveblogging the event tonight so keep refreshing the page for updates. 6:24pm We're all piling in to the theatre. Lots of great people here. Excited to see people like David Thodey, Freddie Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen, Kate ...

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Live Blog of Girls in Tech at VIVID


Thanks to Intel for inviting me here to the Girls in Tech event to talk about how we inspire girls to get involved in technology. It's something I'm passionate about so it's a delight to be here. I'll keep updating this page so refresh for updates. Our host begins by talking about the history of women ...

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Live blog of the AR and VR Meetup in Sydney

Scott O’Brien kicks us off with a welcome to country and a note that the AR Meetup group is growing rapidly - now over 600 members. Ric Holland from eClub Offis solutions - the main sponsor of the AR events - talks about the Disrupted Xmas party coming up on the 3rd December. Scott O’Brien is ...

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Post Paris attacks… Why wholesale surveillance is still a spectacularly bad idea.


We're all reeling following the attacks on Paris today, and the bloodbath that has occurred at the Bataclan Concert Hall. Once again the terrorists killed in the raid that followed the attacks have been described as 'very young'. This is a story that is coming up again and again; young people being seduced into an ...

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Telstra Digital Summit: Afternoon session liveblog


We're back after the break at the Telstra Digital Summit.  Up next is @briansolis and Larry Marshall from CSIRO.  I'm liveblogging again.  Keep refreshing the page for updates. Brian Solis is up first, talking about his book, The Experience when Business Meets Design, and rethinking the possibilities about everything.  He says we don't see things as they ...

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Telstra Digital Summit: No Going Back Now – Liveblog


I'm liveblogging from the #telstrasummit - keep updating the page for new content. You can also follow it online at Andy Penn notes that last week was #BackToTheFuture day and also the day when self-driving cars were tested in autopilot, a prediction of Isaac Asimov.  Not as many predictions were true of Back To The Future as Asimov, ...

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IBM SolutionsConnect: Artificial Intelligence


Peter Haggar is up to speak about Watson [JJ: incidentally my favourite bit of IBM tech]. For those who don't know, Watson is the kit that competed in the TV program Jeopardy, four and a half years ago. Haggar says Watson enhances, scales and accelerates connections between humans and data. He describes the movement from the tabulating ...

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IBM SolutionsConnect: The API Economy


David Bell from IBM is a Master Inventor - a role which is determined by the cumulative number of patents registered. He spends the majority of his time with test lead at the IBM Hursley Laboratories. Bell notes that his experience travelling from the UK is characterised by a range of apps which are built around ...

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LiveBlog – IBM SolutionsConnect


I'm at the IBM event looking at innovation solutions for digital business. I'll be updating this post live as it happens. Keep refreshing the page for updates. Jo Dooley, Director of IBM Digital Sales, opens the event and challenges us to think differently about business strategy, based on research. She notes that everyone talks about digital ...

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BAD EDUCATION: Festival of Dangerous Ideas


The final session I'll be liveblogging at #FODI is the talk from AC Grayling on Bad Education.  We're getting started soon.  Keep reloading this page for updates. The tagline for this session is - will it take a revolution to enable us to really educate?  The Concert Hall is packed for this session so the subject ...

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