The Thing About London

Big Ben

Lately I've been pining for London again. Actually it probably hasn't stopped since I left, but there are times when the emotional pull of London is stronger than others, and there doesn't seem to be any pattern to the yearnings. It can wash over me when I'm walking through the streets of Sydney, when I ...

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The Art of Keeping Appointments

 Actually the title of this post is a bit of a misnomer.  Keeping appointments in an age of competing calendar systems is a bit of a science, but we’ll come back to that. This week I’ve had about 4 meetings that have resulted in me turning up and having a coffee with one of the meeting ...

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Education is more important than ever for business


 As an old educator, it's probably unsurprising that I value education.  I may even be biased in my perspective about its importance in life.  But I suspect I'm not overestimating the importance of education for business. It's not just a matter of keeping your business liquid, it's a matter of ensuring that you are making ...

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Far too long since posts

jj on CMAD webinar

It's about time I produced a new list of recent posts in other quarters - those at least I'm allowed to share. At the Salesforce blog - a business innovation heads-up on wearables: wherein I argue that enthusiasm for wearable technologies may not translate to value for small business. On LinkedIn - Seriously Bad PR: wherein I ...

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Innovation is not locked up


Much hyperbole has been present in technology and business press lately about the notion of 'unlocking' innovation in organisations.  From research organisations to financial news commentators, to Harvard bloggers, the emphasis has always been on finding a means of opening up traditional industries to the boons of innovation, and to let the natural innovative tendencies of ...

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Issues for Small Business Owners

A few recent posts of mine have focused on small business.  Check them out over on the Salesforce blog. Quick and Dirty Guide to Calculating your Business's ROI from Technology - in which I argue that there's more to ROI than brand awareness and sales. I’ll Tell You What I Want, What I Really, Really Want - ...

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Social Media Week Sydney Wrap-Up, 2014


Note: A version of this post originally appeared on LinkedIn on 29 September, 2014. During the week commencing the 22nd September 2014, I attended most of the Social Media Week event in Sydney. While I'm on the Advisory Board and it sounds a lot like I'm thanking myself, I have to say the content was fantastic. There were ...

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What job do you do?

The Long Road Ahead from

One of the problems I've faced recently is in describing what I do in my various business ventures. I'm a company director and a digital strategist. But I'm also a blogger, a trainer, a public speaker, a change manager, an operations and project manager, I do business development, and on occasion, I can even do ...

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Let’s talk about cheating

Paul Downey. Cheat Like an Artist,

Now on to interesting stuff.  An excerpt I tweeted this morning from a new book on digital education has fired my passion again on the subject of cheating and digital technologies.  The 'cheating' to which I'm primarily referring relates to assessment in educational contexts - exams, essays, research projects and so on.  But I think ...

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Quick update on what I’m doing

So very quickly - before I get back to blogging about stuff that's interesting - I'm now working as a private consultant as well as co-founding one new company (which I can't really talk about yet) and one existing company which is moving in to new territory around executive business training programmes.  I've also been ...

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