2006: The Year of Web 2.0

I have just been composing the opening of another paper I’m writing and felt the following was worth blogging, because it’s a rather nice summary of the extraordinary growth of Web 2.0 applications and sites during this year….

During 2006, MySpace overtook Yahoo as the most visited domain among US citizens, and attracted over 17% of June website advertisements in terms of daily impressions, YouTube cracked 100 million video downloads per day (with over 65,000 new videos being uploaded every day), and Flickr has partnered with mobile communications device manufacturer, Nokia to enable ease of image uploads. Technorati now track over 35.3 million individual blogs online, the US Government invested US$450,000 in research on how best to mine information represented in blogs, and nearly 10% of all internet users identified blogs as a news source. AJAX-based tool Google Maps is now a popular means of identifying locations of events occurring in real life locations, and AJAX itself has been identified in Computerworld as the future of application development.

This is, indeed, the age of Web 2.0.

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