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Comments from Wikimedia commonsI’ve been at it again, blogging away on other sites and not updating here. So here are a few links to recent blog posts. As usual, all feedback appreciated.

1. 1000heads – Forget what you can sell, ask what you can give: In which I talk about social as a gift economy and consider the supposed relationship brands think they have with their consumers.

2. 1000heads – Why the IOC need to stop stifling the social Olympics: In which I identify what made the Olympics an enjoyable experience online – and how brand rules and social messaging was actually limiting conversation online.

3. 1000heads – Usefulness beats luxury in social technologies: In which I wax lyrically about applications that increase effectiveness and efficiency rather than just adding ‘fun’.

4. WallBlog – Six reasons why traditional marketing strategies are not delivering online: In which I do what it says on the tin, and provide 6 basic reasons why the Australian marketing landscape is full of droning ghosts.

5. 1000heads – The Social Economy: Using social across the firm: In which I respond to the McKinsey report talking about opportunities to use socialin B2B industries.

I also have an article coming out in the forthcoming edition of the journal for the Chartered Secretaries of Australia Ltd, Keeping good companies. That article is on ‘astroturfing’ and is available only to members, but happy to talk about the issue with anyone separately if they are interested in reading.

Finally, I wrote an extensive piece on the issue of the Advertising Standards Board determinatons from July, where the Board found that user generated comments on facebook were essentially advertising messages, and as such, those comments were within the control of corporations. The piece was thoroughly researched, as I interviewed the Acting CEO of the Australian Association of National Advertisers, as well as representatives from both the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and NSW Fair Trade. I’m still waiting on advice from NSW Fair Trade on their extended response to the issue, but for anyone keen to learn about the determinations, I’ve made the document in its draft form available for viewing as a PDF document.

That’s about it! New posts will be again forthcoming soon from the SydStart conference and from the National Economic Review next week, before I jet off to La-la Land!

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