A few good stories

While I recover my fitness after succumbing to a summer headcold, here are a few interesting tidbits to tide you over:
Cory Doctorow has quit his job as a Coordinator with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and is dedicating himself to writing
– Coldplay deserve to be throughly flamed for the absurd restrictions they have included in their latest CD release
– PCWorld has released a Top 50 Gadgets of the past 50 years which is a good read, even if I disagree with some of the gadgets. I seriously can’t work out why some major computers miss the list (the Mac Classic and Apple IIs as well as the IBM XT and BBC Masterseries Microcomputer are not included) and for gadgets, the digital watch, furby/Teddy Ruxpin and original floppy disk all miss the list. Instead, there are about 6 mobile phones and far too many recent inventions. Oh well. Was always going to be controversial list.
– For those wishing to stretch their minds over summer, check out the Edge Annual Question for 2006 – what is your dangerous idea? Might be worth exploring these at the Ideas Festival next March-April.
– For those wishing to stay up-to-date with fire danger across Australia, keep checking the CSIRO Sentinel Hotspots site
– And finally, for those who very sensibly wish to keep in touch with the scores at the cricket, but have to return to the workforce, you can always get live scores from Australia’s Cricinfo site, accessed via http://www.baggygreen.com.au/

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