A note of thanks to my readers

I don’t say this often enough so I just want to note that I really appreciate all you readers who take the time to make a comment on this blog, or contact me personally by email or any other system to discuss issues they have read on this blog. I may not respond to you all, but please know that your comments are often incisive and interesting, and I promise you, I read them all. And even those of you who simply read the blog on a regular basis and say nothing till I meet you personally at an event and you start chatting about something you saw me write about – you are all appreciated.

Thanks for coming with me in this social software journey. It’s all of you who have led me down the research path I’m following. And on that note, we signed the contract for the book with the publishers on Tuesday, so all is up and running to get the first scholarly text on uses of blogs on the market. One trackback on Axel’s blog said that if the book were available for pre-ordering on Amazon, they’d already have reserved a copy. 🙂 We’re hoping more will feel the same way when the book is ready to be published later this year!

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