A Very Merry (and connected!) Christmas

Wow. I just had the most distressing 24 hours when I had no internet connection and I was told by the guy whose number I had for the property I’m staying at that I wouldn’t have a connection until 2 January. In desperation I found my old number for the girl with whom I originally booked this accommodation and she instructed me as to how I could go about getting in to the office so I could reboot the wireless router which had hung due to overheating. Suffice to say the process of getting in to the office involved doing things that were fairly… *ahem* … unorthodox. But thanks to the assistance of my neighbour Sean, and a little Christmas spirit, I am now back online and can speak with my family on Christmas day. Thank goodness. And as it’s nearly Christmas there in Australia, it’s good to know I can connect with them across all these miles.

Everyone, I wish you all a very happy, healthy and *connected* Christmas. And remember, there is a Santa Claus in all of us, if only we work together to realise it.

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