Ada Lovelace Day Post

I have been lax in getting involved properly with Ada Lovelace Day today, partly because there is so much else going on at the moment too, but I want to focus my attention for this year’s tribute to women in tech on a perhaps little known techie educator (though still a TED alumnus), AnnMarie Thomas.  Increasingly, the use of technology to create authentic learning experiences and to assist in improving the lives of others is a particular area of interest to me.  But her work in getting children to build ‘squishy circuits‘ is inspired.  Using play and allowing technology to be a medium for problem solving and learning is the kind of education I’d like to see more of, and I’ve been trying to promote in my own curriculum development for digital pedagogies. It’s the difference between seeing technology as a tool and seeing technology as a medium or lens for new meaning.  This kind of thinking needs to be embedded much more in educational programmes in order to create graduates of education systems that are properly equipped to deal with a technology rich world.

So, while I have a whole gamut of women I would like to acknowledge in this year’s Ada Lovelace entry, I have decided to acknowledge a young innovator in education and technology – the next generation of fabulous women in tech.

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