All things Amplified

For the past week I’ve been doing all things Amplified.  Our event in London last Tuesday attracted over 250 attendees over the 5 hours and from the overwhelmingly positive responses on twitter, it seems that the participants enjoyed themselves thoroughly.  One of the attendees has now set up a page on the Amplified wiki, showing all the blog entries associated with the event, and of course you can track the conversations from the event on Twitter Search (#amp09).

Then later last week I went to Belfast where the first Irish Amplified event is going to be held in May. We’re still scoping locations and seeking expressions of interest for participation, but remember Amplified is an event which is driven by the interests of the community.  If you can’t find content you want to engage with, then define a topic and convene a session that is of interest to you.  That’s the point of Amplified.  It’s a chance to explore issues you want to explote, not to be limited by the dominant structure.

I’m also trying to establish a Scottish Amplified at The Lighthouse in Glasgow.  Let me know if you are interested in being part of the Scottish Amplified scene.  We need participants and we need topics, we need event managers and pretty much everything else!

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