Amplified and doubts about social media

Over at Market Mystic, there’s an intelligent article on the weaknesses of social media as a tool for business generally and marketing specifically. For those not interested in following the link, the five reasons Mystic gives for why social media may not be accepted are:
1.  Insufficient metrics
2.  Low life span for individual social media tools/resources
3.  Tracking ideas and driving new connections can be difficult to fathom
4.  Too few expert guides
5.  New social media change what is culturally acceptable in terms of updates/voices online.

As opposed to the usual complaint about social media – that it’s all about predators and reduction of privacy/confidentiality of information – these queries about the success of social media have merit as they all address weaknesses in the packaging of social media.

But because they are about weaknesses in packaging, they are all resolvable problems.  Indeed, the work we’re doing with Amplified is designed to address precisely these problems; bringing together the experts and practitioners in related fields and providing them with a theme or question or challenge and giving them the opportunity to negotiate solutions and propose strategies for engaging stakeholders in a given situation/problem, capturing those conversations and then filtering and feeding back on those themes in a manner that is meaningful to those who pose the questions.  Part of the process with Amplified is to generate methodologies for measurement, tracking and stimulating ideas in social media, and doing so in a manner which is agile enough to adjust to the changing shape of the social media landscape.  And by bringing together people with differing skill sets, Amplified intends to set itself up as a higky specialised consultancy and expert advisory service to those who need the skills of all the creative, technological and business minds that make up the Amplified community.

Next week over at the Amplified site will be releasing a series of documents designed to represent the Amplified Manifesto and to articulate the opportunities for businesses, research agencies and institutions in engaging the Amplified community to address their needs and interests.  We look forward to solving collectively the very problems that Mystic identifies.

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