An old urge

I think I need to go do another ballet class. Every now and then my body just aches to be lost to the lyricism and bittersweet pang of my old career aspiration, and something deep inside me reaches back to the mists of my past and sends me recurrent dreams of my old dancing days. For the past few nights I’ve woken up cold, the bed covers strewn in every direction, clearly the result of tossing and turning as my physical body responds to vivid images of stages and steps, adage and allegro. And each time I wake I’m weary with the frustration occasioned by my steadily ossifying frame.

I just need to find a class that’s going to be challenging enough for a relatively advanced classical ballet dancer, but simple enough so that I won’t injure myself. Oh and I need to find the time to actually attend. Hmm. This last may be the most difficult challenge of all…..

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