An update, of sorts

It’s been a week. It’s been a couple of weeks, actually. Or three weeks I suppose. Weird really. In this time I have achieved a great deal and been frustrated by nearly as much. There’s been positives, negatives and general stocktaking of things in general, but each individual item has seemed too simple, too silly or too personal to post about… hence the blog silence. But probably collectively it’s a good time to post about most of them.

– Very busy week at work with a lot of things not going my way, or otherwise unresolved. Not much I can go in to, but it’s tough right now;
– A strong aspect of the issues at work have to do with the frustration of my second negative, that being having my laptop die on me on Wednesday;
– My FOXTEL connection has started to fail at home with the set top box losing the signal every time the picture changes suddenly from dark to light, and electrical equipment is interfering with the signal (although this has a happy ending – see below);
– I seem to be suffering from a bit of asthma at the moment and tend to find myself wheezing a lot, for no clear reason. This is odd as I haven’t changed any habits as such. I’m hoping that the usual 7 year allergic reaction change hasn’t brought on an increased sensitivity to the environment;
– I’m REALLY tired at the moment. I’m not sleeping in consecutive periods for more than 5-6 hours, but I find I’m extremely lethargic both mornings and at night;
– Bugs are getting to me. There are nasty flying cicadas, large moths and cockroaches that are finding their way in to my stairwell at home. They don’t get in to the unit, but I don’t like spending long in the stairwell either to my flat or to the street. They all tend to converge on me on ingress or egress. For those who don’t know, I suffer from mottephobia, and generally I’m not a fan of insects. It’s no use – I know most of them can’t hurt me… I still have this completely irrational fear of them.

– Many rather lovely purchases, including a new set of dining room chairs (due to arrive in February), a clothes dryer (mainly for my sheets), a water filter and chiller, and a couple of simple items of clothes at bargain prices;
– A rather fortunate twist of fate to the FOXTEL issue listed above – because I rang FOXTEL with the problem, they’re going to upgrade my connection to digital next week;
– Achievements at work… I’m fairly proud of where I am with some of the work I’m doing, but I’m aware my superiors are yet to see evidence of what I am in the process of achieving – and that’s the frustrating thing about believing in what you do, when you know that others are still skeptical;
– And this is a biggie: my partner returning from overseas. It’s so good to have him back. I haven’t even seen him for more than an hour or two since he got back, and I know this isn’t as long as any future break we’re likely to have from each other, but it was just good to see him again.

There’s more, but as you will no doubt imagine, there are things I just don’t share online. Life is not a box of chocolates; you don’t just keep taking sweets, not knowing what’s in store. Life is simply a series of many, many opportunities. The trick is to learn to accept them all as experiences – good, bad or indifferent – and to accept the consequences of the choices you make, with courage, and with grace.

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