Another good read

Just as a quick addendum to the previous post, the 10 Web Trends That Should Die in 2006 is a superb collection of web don’ts in terms of design. I think it’s a little harsh to say that all companies operating a Web 1.0 interface should all update to Web 2.0 functionality – I think in many cases a good Web 1.0 professional site is sufficient and low cost enough to run, where poor implementation or adoption of Web 2.0 functionality could damage the firm – but I think in principle the ideas in this list are useful. Take the time to look over the search engine predictions for 2006 too.

In other news, I continue to cough and splutter with this headcold. *sigh* Just as well I’m only unofficially back at work this week. I need to rest properly before heading to Perth at the end of the week.

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