Attack of the Non-fatal Updates

The title of this entry is dreadful, and probably should be replaced, but it won’t be. Deal with it.

Yesterday I hired a car and gave a presentation to one consultancy job 20km from town, met with another potential client 70km from town, had a stroll along a beach at the Gold Coast 92km from town, drove back to have lunch 84km from town and then continued on to work where I had another meeting in town. I think I clocked about 210km for a period of about 6 hours. Not exactly far, but more than my own little car likes to deal with in one hit – hence hiring a reliable vehicle. I’ve always loved just getting in to a car and driving anywhere, but I hate worrying about the mechanical integrity of the vehicle I’m driving. Having a comfortable vehicle that you know has been serviced perfectly, is clean and detailed after every use, is air-conditioned, has a decent stereo system and has some nice grunt under the hood, is fair dinkum bliss to drive. Hiring cars is fun.

In other news:
– I have four functions to attend on Friday night, including the Brisbane Bloggers inaugural meeting
– 10Gb of high speed internet connectivity looks like it will do me for the month (I’ve used 2Gb so far this month)
– Anyone who has broadband, and who I occasionally speak to on the phone, it would be much appreciated if you could download Skype and let me know your username so I can speak to you on VoIP for free
– I’ve decided I need a tan (fear not, family, I’ll be using fake stuff, not actually going out into the sun…. and in any case when I say “tan” I mean I intend to look less like the underside of a fish. I’ll still be white, just not Snow White).

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