Because I can (aka Blogging from the bus)

It’s damp and it’s muggy in Brisbane this afternoon and as a result, the traffic is hideous. The buses are all late and there’s barely a seat. But fortunately I do have a seat and more to the point I have a mobile wireless broadband modem. At about A$400 and at a cost of between $29 – $119 a month, a wireless broadband modem package can make a lot more sense than an ADSL or cable modem connection – particularly if you spend a lot of wasted time on buses and travelling about the place where you need an internet connection.

So for those people who are considering this model, I’d recommend outright purchase of the modem itself. That way you can opt in or out of any broadband package as you see fit.

And let’s face it, blogging on a bus is fun. But there again, I have no life 🙂

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