Bhutto’s Assassination

Probably the saddest event of the year thus far, Benazir Bhutto’s death today is a challenge to the democratic process in Pakistan. She loved her country and she wanted to do everything she could to bring about a democratic state in Pakistan, regardless of the trumped-up charges of corruption which dogged her leadership in Pakistan, much as it had done her father.

This event is critical for all western nations. Without the cooperation of Pakistan in international relations, there will be increased risk for all countries that are resistant to fundamentalist politics.

The trouble is that Islam will once again be targeted as the culprit in this war on democratic process. Such a peaceful religion, it is a travesty that extremist religious terrorism is blighting the good work of the largely generous and tolerant Muslim communities of the world.

I entreat all to remember that it has been an act of irrational hatred that brought about Bhutto’s death. Please do not act in a retaliatory fashion. Instead do what you can to ensure Bhutto’s ambitions for democratic process and peace in Pakistan can be realised. And remember that her husband and children will need the support of the global community to cope with her loss.

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