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Along with Mark Bahnisch and Nick Gruen, I’ll be on Geraldine Doogue’s Saturday Extra tomorrow, discussing the value of blogs as a space for considered debate (as opposed to a cathedral of the banal, as they are normally characterised).

Come along and join in on the subject in our respective blogs, as we are looking for instances of considered debate for the program!

EDIT: Some people have asked for my full list of preferred blogs in the business and educational sectors. I’ve included this in the extended entry….


On Line Opinion

Larvatus Prodeo

News, current affairs and general interest

Business research blog:

Australian small business blog:

Analyst Equity (Analyst Relations blog)

Entrepreneur’s Journey (Yaro Starak)

And of course the standard Fairfax and NewsCorp business blogs associated with mainstream media sites – often containing content that doesn’t appear or that is printed much later in printed articles (and often *after* receiving feedback through blogging communities).

Educational blogs:, and but I use as an index of educational blogs and search down that register as a means of finding quality debate on education.

Also use, technorati and digg with my own tags that I use to seek out information on topics of my specific interest such as social networking, web 2.0, open source, business strategy and so on. These are predominantly indexes of blogs to which people are *linking* thus active discussion is arising from the posts listed on these registers. This is my obsession.

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