Blogging and Web 2.0 Business Updates

Much of the work I’ve been doing lately has been on deploying social networking technologies and Content Management Systems in corporate contexts, so I thought I’d share a few links on the subject with the readership (and for my own convenience in my research!).

– Movable Type now has a small business option for blog deployment which is finally going to address the horrid websites of so many small businesses. Good to see Six Apart marketing to this group.
– And even if small business isn’t ready yet, business-to-business industries are taking up blogging in a big way. The Marketing, Strategy and Innovation blog has a list of the latest B2B blogs on the market.
– Technorati has some cute new widgets that visually represent tags and searches for content – useful if you’re looking at getting a zeitgeist on an topic area. Should get Google to generate one of these for news searches.
– On the issue of tech companies, over at B2B Marketing Strategists journal there’s an article on how tech companies are turning to Web 2.0 technologies in droves because suddenly businesses are recognising that they need to invest in stakeholder engagement
– And finally, Tim O’Reilly is calling for a bloggers’ code of conduct. Just as well I’m writing Acceptable Use Policies and Blogger Practices and Manuals every day now, huh?

EDIT: Thanks also to Pete for the alert to the Dion Hinchcliffe article on ZDNet focused on the the leading Web 2.0 trends in business. Great article and useful background research.

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