Bomb scare … or … Not.

Can I just say here that I love my friend, Shannie. She has given me a place to stay. She has given me love and support.

And tonight she has made me laugh so hard that I’ve cried.

I received an SMS from Shannie this evening saying she has caused the locals at Pau Airport in France a bit of a scare. After a bit of a big night last night… ahem… Shannon woke to a terrible migrane. Little battler that she is though, she dragged her migrane-addled self to the airport for her connecting flight only to find that no matter how hard she tried, she was in fact going to continue to react to the night before. So, ever resourceful, Shannie chained her backback to a chair and went to visit the loo to have a long conversation with the porcelain bus. At the end of this debate, wherein I think the porcelain might generally be regarded to have been victorious, Shan returned to her backpack in the gate lounge, only to discover it covered with a thick, orange, explosive fabric and herself surrounded by several armed guards, shouting at her in rapid French.

“J’ai mal a tete!” she exclaimed. “Migrane! ” *vomiting sounds*.

The French guards were not quite sure whether to arrest her or commit her.

“Je suis Australienne! Je suis en vacance! Je suis malade!” she continued. Not pleased but generally less inclined to arrest her and more inclined to spank her, the guards decided eventually to remove the explosive fabric and not actually blow up her luggage. At least not until she had finished reading the latest Harry Potter book anyway.

My darling Shannie, I love you, but you DEFINE the word “dag”.

But I’m glad at least you are feeling a little better, and I promise that when I receive the *photos* you took of your luggage and the French guard after the incident I will share these with the world :’)

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