Brisbane Extra Clarification

The story on Brisbane Extra was screened tonight, and I’d like to thank the folk at Channel 9 for the opportunity to further promote this petition. I do want to clarify something though, based on the interview of the mum who didn’t support Daylight Saving. The mum seemed to be concerned that having Daylight Saving would mean her son would be up earlier and later in the day. Let me make something very clear, folks. Daylight Saving does NOT give us extra light at both ends of the day. You can NOT increase the number of hours of daylight in the day. It’s patently impossible. All we do with Daylight Saving is shift the time when daylight passes over the region. So instead of Brisbane being light at 5am as it is at the moment, with Daylight Saving it would instead be light at 6am. And given it is black dark in Brisbane at 6:30pm at the moment, it would instead be dark at 7:30pm. That’s not late. Even at the height of summer, the sun would set at 7:48pm at the very latest. And it would be dark soon after 8pm. For most of the Daylight Saving period, it would be dark long before 8pm. So please, people, don’t vote against Daylight Saving because you think we are increasing the hours of daylight. It just can’t happen!!!

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