Broadband Growth and other links

There’s been some interesting reading/links around lately. Thanks to Hamish, Pete and others for the following little pearls….

– Residential broadband adoption in Australia grew 108% over the period of June 2004 to June 2005.
– Google now have a very clear plan for maximising the productivity of knowledge workers. The most interesting aspect of the Top Ten Golden Rules that Eric Schmidt and Hal Varian released to Newsweek this week is the idea of hiring by committee; not only does this produce better quality workers, but it much more clearly articulates precisely what it is that new staff will do in a company – an aspect of corporate communications which I find problematic in so many organisations.
A new simulation tool for the web, produced by Forio Brothers, looks like it might be handy way of communicating to Board members of medium to large organisations about contingency planning for products and scenario development.
– Registration for the O’Reilly Tech Conference is open, and boy would I love to go. I doubt I’m going to be able to convince ACID to fund this trip but it would be a SENSATIONAL conference to attend. *sighs* *wants* Anyone want to sponsor me for this?
– And on a lighter note (pardon the pun), anyone who hasn’t seen the example of Xmas Lights From Hell, you must see it. It is impressive, but I pity the poor people who end up living next door or over the road! You WILL need speakers or headphones to appreciate it, though. And for the doubters among you, this is real.

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