Bruising easily

Most people know I bruise easily. I’ll never forget the bruising I received in my dancing days, when I had thumb marks almost permanently imprinted on the base of the rib cage on my back, and finger pad circles across my stomach, where my partner used to have to hold me during lifts, turns and en pointe. Or when I sprained my ankle so badly that my foot blew up to the size of a small football and my leg was bruised black from my knee to my baby toe.

And most of my life my thighs tend to have bruises on them, I suppose because at some point or another I’ve knocked into a chair or a corner of something and haven’t paid much attention.

This morning I have an absolute shocker, with spots of bruising right up near my hip and reaching down the side of my leg to just above my knee. Hurts like hell. It’s not terribly impressive, because it’s not really that black, but it’s still rather sore. I have no idea how I got it. But I shall once again blame my high pain tolerance and natural clumsiness. In the meantime…. Ow. 🙁

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