Burn for you…

The first bushfires of the dry season have begun somewhere off the coast of Queensland… The Sentinel site will have the details, but the smell of burning brush is thick in the air tonight. This wide brown land of ours – in drought and flooding rains – is once again demonstrating its fierce nature.

I’m going through a stage of complete absorption in my work and my reading, and am once again enthused about exploring ideas, thanks to some encouragement from some particularly fabulous people. But in the meantime, some interesting links await…

JBoss has been acquired by Red Hat… will be interesting to see what happens to the open source development community as a result in the change of leadership
Six Apart gives advice on how to prevent blogs from scaring people…. My advice would be not to reveal too much about your private life and don’t bite the hand that feeds you (ie: criticise the comments sent to your blog)
– Related to the last link, Structuredblogging is now considering aspects of interaction design in blog posts… this should take off quickly – people like visual cues for content posts.

Just a quick taste… will be back to blogging after the Quarterly review tomorrow!

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