Business and Corporate Blogging

I was a panellist in the Business and Corporate Blogging session this afternoon so I wasn’t able to make too many notes during this session, but I think we had a valuable session where Nick Hodge, Des Walsh and myself introduced ourselves, posed a few questions and then allowed the audience to lead the debate and tell their own stories, ask their own questions and consider new ways of communicating the value of blogging.

The questions we posed were:
* Can businesses afford not to blog?
* How do you measure Return on Investment?
* Should the CEO blog?
* Should PR and/or Legal vet all blogs?
* How do you find enough to write about?
* How do you handle negative comments?
* Blogging Codes of Conduct

I welcome any comments on the session we had this afternoon, and I would like to thank both Des and Nick for what I believe was an interesting session. I have so much respect for what both Nick and Des do, but I’m also bowled over by the talent we had in the audience. Thanks one and all!

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