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What job do you do?

The Long Road Ahead from

Tweet One of the problems I’ve faced recently is in describing what I do in my various business ventures. I’m a company director and a digital strategist. But I’m also a blogger, a trainer, a public speaker, a change manager, … Continue reading

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The Relationship between Conversations and Business Innovation

Tweet On my recent trip to London, I spent a lot of time catching up with friends on a one-to-one basis. I find this useful because I get more time to ask questions, hear about projects, and share my experiences … Continue reading

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Help needed: how can I improve this formula?


Tweet I need some feedback on the following and am genuinely looking at ways to improve this formula to better explain the effects of content sharing on reputation. I’ve been thinking about a way to calculate brand reputation online with … Continue reading

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Death of the Politics of Austerity


Tweet So France has elected a Socialist government and Greece hasn’t voted for anything. Importantly, all the rhetoric around the European polls are focused on fighting against the politics of austerity.  The problem with this is that voting against austerity … Continue reading

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Elections, debt and technology: how they interact

Tweet It’s election day here in the UK and I will be spending the evening watching the coverage with two of London’s great ladies, Jemima Gibbons, author of Monkeys with Typewriters, and Mecca Ibrahim (aka Annie Mole) the author of One … Continue reading

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The fundamental flaw in aggregators

Tweet I should begin this post by acknowledging openly that I have been an advocate of information aggregation for a very long time, and have frequently extolled the virtues of applications like tweetdeck and friendfeed for drawing together information from … Continue reading

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Recasting the net

Tweet For those who follow my twitter stream, you’ll be aware that last night I attended and participated in the POLIS and Channel 4 event, Recasting the net, a debate series to be offered all over the UK on a … Continue reading

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Why UK shouldn’t invest in upgrades to broadband infrastructure

Tweet This post is incredibly overdue.  It comes about long after Charlie Leadbeater’s excellent response to the original Digital Britain Interim report, and Mark Earls’s equally erudite response.  It also comes way after the Digital Britain seminar to which I … Continue reading

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Wikinomics and an Age of Exploitation

Tweet I’m curently heading up to Newcastle for the bTWEEN re:boot re:place conference for East Anglian media producers and agencies.  I’m speaking with Katie Lips of kisky netmedia on the role of mobile and social media in digital media productions … Continue reading

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Davos and public interaction with complex issues

Tweet Late last week, the Amplified team got together to see if they could drive citizen participation in response to the sessions and commentaries arising from the World Economic Forum in Davos, and to use twitter and livestreaming technology to … Continue reading

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