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Education is more important than ever for business

Tweet  As an old educator, it’s probably unsurprising that I value education.  I may even be biased in my perspective about its importance in life.  But I suspect I’m not overestimating the importance of education for business. It’s not just … Continue reading

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Ada Lovelace Day Post

Tweet I have been lax in getting involved properly with Ada Lovelace Day today, partly because there is so much else going on at the moment too, but I want to focus my attention for this year’s tribute to women … Continue reading

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Technology & education

Office from Wikimedia Commons

Tweet I’ve been spending the past few weeks almost completely focused on writing new curriculum for graduate subjects on technology in education and much as I’d love to share the fruits of that enterprise, I’m afraid it’s commissioned work, so … Continue reading

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Verbal versus written communication

Socratic engagement - From Wikimedia Commons

Tweet Today I’ve been contributing to a debate that was set up over at Social Me-dia on the point of blogging.  I won’t go in to details here – have a look at the conversation if you are interested in … Continue reading

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Channel 4 Education Event

Tweet I’m liveblogging the Channel 4 Annual Education Conference.  To keep up-to-date with the happenings of the day, please keep refreshing this page. 9:58am Janey Walker, Head of Education introduces the event and the ideas to be covered over the … Continue reading

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Naomi Sargant Memorial Lecture

Tweet Martin Bean, Vice Chancellor of The Open University is delivering the lecture at Channel 4 on digital literacy – survival skills for the 21st century.  I’m liveblogging this so keep refreshng the page for updates. 18:20 We’re all packed … Continue reading

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BectaX – Liveblogging

Tweet I’m here at BectaX and we’re underway, and I’ll be taking notes during the day.  Perhaps it won’t be my usual minute-by-minute liveblogging, but I want to capture a lot of the ideas being discussed.  There’s no power in … Continue reading

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AmplifiED: Digital Identity

Tweet In the last session of the AmplifiED we’re talking about digital identity. 19:52 David introduces his background in research looking at the way institutional courses are delivering education in the web age.  15 years ago you had to go … Continue reading

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AmplifiED: Games in Learning

Tweet I’m liveblogging from the AmplifiED session on games.  Keep refreshing this page for updates. 18:45 We’re doing the intros and identifying our interests in games. 11 people around the table: lots of consultants and writers and industry reps, all … Continue reading

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Next Generation Learning

Tweet From 14:20 today I’ll be liveblogging the Next Generation Learning session from the Learning and Technology World Forum. You can keep refreshing this page to see updates of the session. We’re starting with a session from CISCO before getting … Continue reading

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