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2017: Fighting Popularity

Tweet It’s been a long time since I updated this blog, partly because I have much more going on with my job at Disruptor’s Handbook, on my various boards and on social channels, and partly because I have struggled to … Continue reading

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Post Paris attacks… Why wholesale surveillance is still a spectacularly bad idea.

Tweet We’re all reeling following the attacks on Paris today, and the bloodbath that has occurred at the Bataclan Concert Hall. Once again the terrorists killed in the raid that followed the attacks have been described as ‘very young’. This … Continue reading

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Why the Dallas Buyers Club Decision Sucks

Pirate flag by mudisoft.

Tweet Yesterday in Australia, the Federal Court came down in favour of rights holders who can now force Internet Service Providers to hand over the identities of people who have downloaded the movie, Dallas Buyers Club.  (Let’s leave aside the … Continue reading

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CISCOLive: Etihad Stadium tour


Tweet I was subject to an embargo on the first session of CISCO Live, but now the announcement has been made, I’m allowed to discuss what the press corps did on Day 1. So the first session for the press … Continue reading

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Innovation is not locked up


Tweet Much hyperbole has been present in technology and business press lately about the notion of ‘unlocking’ innovation in organisations.  From research organisations to financial news commentators, to Harvard bloggers, the emphasis has always been on finding a means of opening … Continue reading

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What job do you do?

The Long Road Ahead from

Tweet One of the problems I’ve faced recently is in describing what I do in my various business ventures. I’m a company director and a digital strategist. But I’m also a blogger, a trainer, a public speaker, a change manager, … Continue reading

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The Fourth Estate and Social Media

U87 microphone from Wikimedia commons

Tweet Last night’s ABC TV programme, MediaWatch, opened a bit of a floodgate on the issue of what constitutes journalism in social channels following the show. This is interesting partly because it was evidence of what the show essentially concluded … Continue reading

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Orange Blog Bus tour is GO!

Tweet [En] San Francisco Blogger Tour presentation from Orange In 2 weeks I’ll be getting started with the Orange Blog Bus tour of Silicon Valley along with Glenn Le Santo, Dr Sue Black, Julien Fourgeaud and many others.  I’m delighted … Continue reading

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On Old Media, New Media and the Fourth Estate

Anonymous Flag

Tweet Over the past couple of weeks in Australia, the main old media players in the newspaper sector, Fairfax Media and News Ltd have both announced changes to their business plans and an increasing focus on digital channels.  Fairfax will … Continue reading

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Updates, blog posts and general excitement about the new job

Tweet It’s been a while since I have had a chance to blog here, but that’s been because I’ve been flat out moving back to Oz and getting settled at 1000heads. I’m now happily ensconced in the Sydney office and … Continue reading

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