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National Freelancers’ Day

National Freelancers

Tweet On this day, designed to be a celebration of the contribution of freelancers to the UK economy, I’d like to share my own perspective of the life of a freelancer. As is my wont, I am going to be … Continue reading

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Update and new ideas on influence

Lomographized eye from Flickr User, Jen

Tweet Once again, I’ve been flat out in recent weeks preparing for the imminent launch of HiBROW, the arts experiences site and company for which I am Chief Operating Officer, as well as preparing presentations and fulfilling client contracts.  I’ll … Continue reading

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India and the art of hospitality

India gift for the teacher

Tweet I’ve just returned from a fantastic period in India teaching International Marketing to MBA students in Bangalore at Christ University, and tough as the hours were, it was great to be teaching again.   But I think what stays … Continue reading

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Quick update

Sun from Clouds - from Wikimedia Commons

Tweet It’s been a while since I’ve posted, primarily because I didn’t see much point in recording the various world events, be they political patches, royal matches or terrorist dispatches.  But as I’ve had a few pings from people, it seems appropriate … Continue reading

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The Art of Brevity

Sharp Colour by SFB579, from

Tweet There’s been a great deal of teeth-gnashing and wringing-of-hands lately about social media and its supposed impact on deep thinking and considered argument formation, let alone relationship development.  These (largely groundless) concerns miss a crucial aspect of deep thinking: … Continue reading

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The Economy Class Survival Kit

Economy class survival kit

Tweet Planning a long haul flight in 2011? Are you going to be stuck in cattle class, rather than living it up in Business or First? Take hope! I have THE Economy Class Survival Kit. It’s relatively cheap, as comfortable … Continue reading

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Social stuff that needs to be built

Hammer from Wikimedia Commons

Tweet Lately there’s been a lot of commentary about emergent technology and how it can be used in professional contexts, as well as for self improvement.  Everything from Path (Facebook for limited friends) to Pinterest (basically a Posterous) to Quora … Continue reading

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Mobile app development: which platform do you build for first?

Android logo: From wikimedia commons

Tweet It seems to me that the standard business practice of building an app for the iPhone first and then porting it (ie: rebuilding it) for the Android platform is seriously the most stupid decision of any business venture. No … Continue reading

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Verbal versus written communication

Socratic engagement - From Wikimedia Commons

Tweet Today I’ve been contributing to a debate that was set up over at Social Me-dia on the point of blogging.  I won’t go in to details here – have a look at the conversation if you are interested in … Continue reading

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Objectives shape social engagements

Tweet I had a great conversation with Farhan Rehman today on the issue of how to train business based clients in the art of social media content development. We got to talking about the varied uses of various platforms and … Continue reading

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