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Click me! Or, linking to the source rather than the commentary

Click here from wikimedia commons

Tweet There’s a disturbing trend I’m finding among links I’m following from twitter, and it is that instead of linking to the source of a piece of research or the source of a quote, or the source of a video … Continue reading

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Christmas ‘gift’ posts

Christmas gift from Wikimedia Commons

Tweet I’ve been asked to participate in a number of Christmas or end-of-2010 blog posts around the internet recently, so rather than just tweeting them all, I’ve decided to aggregate a few together, in case anyone missed a post or … Continue reading

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Word of mouth and incentives for social media campaigns

Buzz - from Wikimedia Commons

Tweet Recently I’ve been approached by a number of people in the digital marketing sector to provide advice or give feedback on social media seeding campaigns for businesses. While each campaign has been different, and needed to address the specific … Continue reading

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How to make money from free technologies

Cash (from Wikimedia Commons)

Tweet In sessions at #likeminds today, I had some fascinating conversations on the implications of an economy where people assume free access to content and services. James Whatley and Molly Flatt from 1000 Heads articulated well how the ‘problem’ of … Continue reading

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Reduced content creation: are bloggers losing interest?

Tweet I’ve had a busy couple of weeks working on new reports for clients and developing presentations for forthcoming events where I’m keynoting, but amidst all this thinking about new ways of communicating and new opportunities to develop ideas, it’s … Continue reading

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Social media presence

Orange Real Times Business Magazine

Tweet In other news, my article has appeared in the Orange Business Services magazine, on social presence and the enterprise.  Feel free to have a read and comment either here or over at the Orange blog.

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Verbal versus written communication

Socratic engagement - From Wikimedia Commons

Tweet Today I’ve been contributing to a debate that was set up over at Social Me-dia on the point of blogging.  I won’t go in to details here – have a look at the conversation if you are interested in … Continue reading

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Unique views versus active users

Unique views

Tweet The fastest area of growth in my business at the moment is in customer engagement and social media performance measurement. Clearly this is indicative of three things: 1. Most companies at least have a social media presence, even if … Continue reading

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Objectives shape social engagements

Tweet I had a great conversation with Farhan Rehman today on the issue of how to train business based clients in the art of social media content development. We got to talking about the varied uses of various platforms and … Continue reading

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Participation, motivation and success

Success. Sourced from

Tweet I’m about to embark on a few academic analysis exercises, from investigation of the value of social communication in project delivery, to the assessment of objectives and outcomes for existing projects. It promises to be a rather challenging period, … Continue reading

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