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Update and new ideas on influence

Lomographized eye from Flickr User, Jen

Tweet Once again, I’ve been flat out in recent weeks preparing for the imminent launch of HiBROW, the arts experiences site and company for which I am Chief Operating Officer, as well as preparing presentations and fulfilling client contracts.  I’ll … Continue reading

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Review: HP ProBook 5330m

Tweet A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Jacqui Fleming at Edelman to come to a press and blogger demonstration of a series of new HP notebooks. I wasn’t paid to attend, but I happily turned up because … Continue reading

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Brevity matters

Clock from Candie_N at Flickr:

Tweet [EDIT: I should probably consider this Part 2 in my Brevity series!] I really have tried to like Google+.  And there are things about it that work well – adding people to Circles and having these groups in separate streams … Continue reading

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Klout vs PeerIndex: An Experiment

Tweet Over the past several weeks I’ve been conducting an experiment. Ethically I probably ought to have mentioned this to my twitter followers but I didn’t, as I rather suspect no-one was harmed in the experiment in any lasting way. … Continue reading

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Social stuff that needs to be built

Hammer from Wikimedia Commons

Tweet Lately there’s been a lot of commentary about emergent technology and how it can be used in professional contexts, as well as for self improvement.  Everything from Path (Facebook for limited friends) to Pinterest (basically a Posterous) to Quora … Continue reading

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Technology & education

Office from Wikimedia Commons

Tweet I’ve been spending the past few weeks almost completely focused on writing new curriculum for graduate subjects on technology in education and much as I’d love to share the fruits of that enterprise, I’m afraid it’s commissioned work, so … Continue reading

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Measurement and why we do it


Tweet This week I’ve rather been forced to consider measurement.  It’s not that I am against measurement; indeed I am an advocate of measurement as an essential tool for business, to appreciate performance, understand the market and find new opportunities. … Continue reading

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Google Wave: a case study in why interaction design matters

Google Home Page c. 1998 From Wikipedia

Tweet When Google launched as a competitor search engine in 1996 there were two stand-out characteristics that separated the engine from its three major competitors, Yahoo, Infoseek/ and AltaVista: 1. Pagerank: a system of ranking search results by inbound links … Continue reading

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Zero flights but great flight tools

Tweet Okay so UK airspace has been shut down for all but emergency flights as a result of the erupting volcano in Eyjafjallajoekull (phonetically, ‘Aya-veloh-ooke‘), Iceland, but as a result of this, twitter has gone mad with links to some … Continue reading

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