Catholicism and logic

See the major problem with the Catholic Christian faith is that those who get to tell others how to live, don’t actually live like the rest of us. The Pope recently announced that the way to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS is to practice abstinence and/or fidelity in marriage, rather than through the use of condoms. Said like a man who has never had sex, and has no clue about the actual reasons for the use of condoms. While he’s technically accurate when it comes to abstinence, and while the idea of fideility to your partner in life is a damned good idea, it’s really not going to help the cause of HIV/AIDS if the Pope keeps telling people to stop using condoms. Given the various mechanisms with which HIV and other diseases are being spread – including intravenous drug use, needle stick injuries, blood transfusions and several methods of accidental infection – protected sexual practice just makes sense. Unprotected sex can mean that partners of people who are entirely faithful to each other can be unwittingly infected with a disease that could be life-threatening. So this kind of advice from the Pope is just profoundly ignorant and spectacularly obtuse. It’s on occasions like this when you get embarrassed to be even remotely connected to a faith that is so out of touch.

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