Channel 7: A Blight on Journalistic Impartiality

It may be the only news service on Sunday morning prior to 9am, but Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise is the WORST television news in the history of poor attempts at journalism. Full of Liberal Party hacks, this morning’s news has been characterised by sour grapes commentary and hero-worship of John Howard, who incidentally thoroughly deserves to lose his seat after taking his electorate, his party and the people of Australia for granted. Open about the fact that the Channel 7 on-air staff spent the previous evening with their mates in the Liberal Party, the program is a disgrace to the notion of journalistic impartiality.

I call for Channels 9, 10 and 2 to offer decent news coverage on weekend mornings in response to the trash being offered on Channel 7 – even if it is only accessible via set-top box or online. A stable camera, set on a two-shot and a sole operator camera focusing on one speaker at a desk isn’t a great expense in production, and there are a lot of decent quality speakers you could have on such a program. Just look what Graham Young and the folk behind the Citizen Journalism study have been able to produce on a shoestring budget over at YouDecide2007.

I also call for people to boycott Channel 7 after such an abhorrent display of sour grapes this morning. This kind of partisan programming MUST be stamped out.

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