Christmas Day

I have had an unusual, but ultimately happy Christmas Day. Not only have I had a chance to talk on three occasions with my family on Christmas Day (including one webcam link), but I attended the Eucharist at St Paul’s Cathedral, London – something I think every person should do at least once in their life. And in spite of the damp conditions and my numb fingers and toes as I dodged the rain, walking half way home, by the time I actually got home, the prospect of a yummy dinner sounded exceedingly welcome. And a very good dinner it was. I had roast chicken with carrots and peas and potatoes, followed by plum pudding and mince pies, washed down with champagne and a tiny glass of port with a cup of tea. Very appropriate Christmas fare! And my vanilla-scented candle had been burning all afternoon next to my vase of red rosebuds and my tiny Christmas conifer, decorating my table.

Ah it may all seem a bit silly, but I do love a good meal at Christmas, and to have celebrated Christmas at the Cathedral and talked to my family, I don’t think you can get many better Christmases. Of course I’d love to have been with my family. But if I’d been there, I’d never have had a chance to be here in London. So without them, the opportunity to talk to them, and still be part of London celebrations is a pretty great second-best.

And now I’m suitably stuffed and warm and cosy, and ready to sit down to my one Christmas present – a book from Mum. (I will be getting more gifts when I have moved in to my new place, but for now, this is my one Christmas present.) But I’m so looking forward to this – a guilty reading pleasure!

I do hope others have had a lovely Christmas. I’m thinking of one and all and wishing you joy and peace.

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