Christmas Eve!

I’m so looking forward to Christmas!

I’ve copped a lot of flack recently about my decision to stay at home and have a big, beautiful Christmas dinner on my own, but I guess for me, it’s just a matter of glorying in the peace and quiet of Christmas at home.

I have a bright red damask Christmas tablecloth on my table, all the best dinner and glassware out, fresh red roses on the table, all the food and trimmings all ready, Christmas crackers at my place, my puddings, fresh veges and leg of pork in the fridge, all my cards bright around the house, Christmas candles and lights sparkling, and even a lovely Christmas dress for me out to wear and enjoy the special day! Yes I know I’m a dag, but being able to do all this and enjoy the fact that I made everything myself gives me a great sense of achievement. All I have to do now is finish cleaning the place and tomorrow will be just a matter of sitting back and enjoying the day!

As I’ve noted before, the only sad thing will be missing my Mum and brother and sister-in-law on Christmas Day, but of course they will be in my thoughts all day, and I’ll be sending them my love and my very best wishes when I speak to them all through the day!

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