Christmas ‘gift’ posts

Christmas gift from Wikimedia CommonsI’ve been asked to participate in a number of Christmas or end-of-2010 blog posts around the internet recently, so rather than just tweeting them all, I’ve decided to aggregate a few together, in case anyone missed a post or two.

1.  Response to Andrew Gerrard’s excellent post on Red Cube Marketing Blog.  In this post, Andrew provides some advice on accessing influencers for social media campaigns.  He asked me to follow up with a comment which I was happy to do. But his post is also worthy of reading.

2.  Contribution to Gemma Went’s post on learnings from 2010 and trends for 2011.  While we’re at the Red Cube blog, it’s worth having a read though all the contributions to Gemma’s post.  Some great insights in there.

3. Interview with Andrew Jenkins on social media strategy.  Last week Andrew Jenkins of Volterra Consulting in Canada conducted an interview with me via Skype.  The results are up on YouTube in six parts.

4. What I want for Christmas. I contributed to Sam England’s collection of digital media influencers’ Christmas wishes.  This post is being promoted for the Shelter Charity, so I’m delighted to be part of the collection.

Hope you get a chance to read  these posts.  It’s always rewarding to be part of the great work that digital thinkers produce online.

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