Christmas in London

It’s not Christmas yet but there#s a definite feeling of Christmas in the air. The temperature has plunged to freezing, and the nativity scenes are all set. There are people caroling in the streets and shops and the air mists in front of you as you breathe. Chestnuts are being roasted in the street and the scent and warmth are equally enticing.

This is the most bizarre experience. It’s the first really cold Christmas I’ve ever had, and it’s suddenly obvious why Scotch pines (real ones!) are used – they provide the most beautiful scent in the streets and in buidlings. I know you get the same effect inside in Australia, but there’s something about the scent in cold air that is different. It is as if the scent is captured and somehow held.

It looks as though I may have found a place to live, which is useful, although I won’t be moving till 7 January. Just as well – I think I need some time off!

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