CISCO Live: The Keynote on the Internet of Everything

CAVsgfrUsAEX_f_Tim Fawcett begins the session with an acknowledgement of the traditional landowners. This is folowed by a video descriving the interet of everything as a neural net of the globe. SEnsors, everywhere will prvide real time information on everything fom traffic lights, farms to health patterns. Education is seen as a process rather than an event.

Ken Boal mounts the stage and welcomes 5500+ of delegates to CISCO Live. He calls the delegates our tech stars; the people who will bring about change to enterprises, and facilitate innovation within the firm. Boal notes that the DevNet program is new this year and is reflecting the DevOps continuous innovation requirement of business today. He then goes through all the various partner, tech and industry supersessions. Further, he talks about the CSR support initiatives for helping people in need. Finally he notes the responsibility of the tech sector to lead and to improve productivity in A&NZ. We do’t have the capacity in the economy and the workforce to take us forward. Govt not going to do it alone. Industry has to take it forward. We need to mentor the next generation to encourage participation.

CISCO’s VP of World Field Operations, Chuck Robbins, is now on stage talking about the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Chuck notes that Australia & New Zealand are seen as one of the most innovative centres of the world. We have a ong history of succeeding tpgether. Often seen success in services and applications here before anywhere else. CISCO’s Unified Comms Platform saw success here first. Cloud was successful here. But the pace of change we’re currently dealing with is unprecedented.

Geopolitical shifts, economic transitions are all impacting on business today. IT is under immense pressure, and CEOs expect that tech defines strategy, enable strategy or differentiate strategy. IT has always been treated as a cost centre; it’s a necessary evil. But we are now at a stage where IT is a key differentiator. Businesses need to disrupt or be disrupted. (Key is knowing *how* to facilitate effective disruption of business activities.)

Robbins believes that the impact of the internet of everything will disrupt markets substantially. The effects will be 10-20 times greater than anything else we’ve ever experienced. 50 billion devices will generate 19 trillion dollars in cost savings for productivity, distribution, etc. 40% of the world’s data will come from sensors by 2020. But we can’t unleash the power of any of this on our own.

Cisco has esablished 7 global centres of innovation around the world and will be opening up the 8th Centre for Innovation focused on the Internet of Everything here in Australia. There is a belief in Australia & New Zealand of being able to generate change. Collaboration between industry and academia will help to solve problems in business (particularly business and finance, mining and resources and agriculture) using IoT sensors.

Robbins notes that fast innovation requires fast IT. You need to be able to process data and conduct analytics at the point where the value of that business intelligence resides.

The next wave of IT development for Cisco is application centric infrastructure. The focus is on automation across the open and virtual platforms in a secure fashion. Robbins notes it’s likely that business will probably want to make a choice about public and private cloud elements, and their role is to facilitate (secure) data sharing across these cloud services.

Analytics is key to process improvements and a distributed architecture will be the only thing that enables those analytics to be conducted effectively. But to be able to trust the data as well as the intelligence arising from analytics, we need to focus attention on security. Of course, security can be considered in terms of hardware and software, but there is also a need for business to educate the market about personal control over data management.

Robbins concludes that the moment to show leadership and collaboration on technology issues is now. Technology is a definer, enabler and differentiator, so we need to work together to ensure the opportunities of technology are grasped in an intelligent fashion.

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