CiscoLive Melbourne: Setting the scene

CiscoLiveMelbourneThanks to Telstra and Paul Wallbank‘s efforts, I’m here at CISCOLive in Melbourne, investigating all things Internet of Things (IoT).  For the next few days, everyone with a tech pedigree (and someone to pay for the ticket) will be here, considering how business can be improved with devices and sensors reporting their presence and status, and artificial intelligence working on that data to ensure that power is used efficiently, that productivity is optimised and that decision making is better informed.  Dev sessions are running throughout the event to provide training on application management, and a hackathon will start tomorrow, to incubate new IoT applications.

I’m interested to see what is going to be said about accelerating innovation with the IoT.  In my business with Gavin Heaton, Disruptor’s Handbook, we’ve found that enterprises struggle to conceptualise how innovative product development and the IoT can be facilitated within the firm; so often internal business policies are designed to keep such technologies and processes out. But increasingly, innovation facilitation is what keeps businesses alive. Without innovation development, businesses risk slowing in their responsiveness, customer service, and productivity.  Yet clearly internal R&D will not always be sufficient to address innovation retardation.

Of course how you go about facilitating and accelerating innovation is almost a black art.  We’re doing it at Disruptor’s Handbook, but frankly, we’re doing so by calling on a very diverse range of professional skills and connections, and through the use of a series of project management, documentation and research technologies as well as capitalising on a long history of marketing, engagement and technology management.  We are in a unique position that we can offer advice to businesses that want to enter this space.  But we can’t do it alone. What’s needed is wholesale education of innovation facilitation within firms.  An opportunity exists here for large tech players to take away the layers of magic from application development and innovation incubation and provide a process for sustaining business.

That’s what I hope to find here.  Let’s see what happens.

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