Conference Day 1

Okay it’s early here in Cambridge but I’m awake and so it makes sense that I attend to a few issues (such as resolving crises back home and getting myself organised for my paper presentation today), so I’m making a very quick post before I head off to the Technology, Knowledge and Society Conference which starts today, and at which I present today. The conference lasts till Friday and I will see what I can do about posting highlights from each day here at this blog, but it looks a fabulous program and I am very much looking forward to presenting my cautionary tale about evaluation of social software and organisational needs prior to deployment, in order to maximise the benefits of the technologies.

And because of the daylight issues here, I’ll be leaving in darkness and returning home in darkness to attend this conference, even though I won’t leave till 8am and will be home shortly after 5pm. Western Queenslanders rejecting Daylight Saving on the basis of an inability to function in darkness, please take note.

EDIT: I might note here that at 5am it’s apparently 13° C in Cambridge. For the middle of winter, that’s absurdly mild. It seems I bring the Brisbane weather with me everywhere I go.

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