Crocodile Hunter falls victim to his engagements with the wild

He was an enthusiastic – perhaps at times overly enthusiastic – advocate of all things wild about this land. But in the end, it was the wild that took him. Steve Irwin, the Australian Crocodile Hunter, has died today after being impaled by a stingray barb, off the coast of Port Douglas. Irwin’s death will be tough for the folk at Australia Zoo who do such wonderful work for the protection of wildlife in this region.

Irwin may have belaboured the weird Aussie spirit in his rampant promotion of naturalist perspectives, but he was certainly a proud Queenslander, and a proud Australian. He passed his love of promotion and wildlife on to his remarkable little daughter Bindy, who I last saw speaking like a veteran before the media at the tender age of 8. Vale Steve, and all our best to your family.

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