Cyclone Watch

It’s further away from me than Melbourne, but I’m still watching the trek of Tropical Cyclone Ingrid as it moves towards Cape Melville and the Coen region of Far North Queensland. Packing winds of 250km per hour near the centre of the storm, Ingrid is already sending destructure winds over Cape Melville and very destructive winds are expected to hit Coen overnight. For those who are unaware of the fury and power of a cyclone, it might be worth your while having a read through the materials pretty much all northern Australian residents have to read at some point. In particular, the implications of a Category 4 Cyclone are worth noting: significant roofing loss and structural damage, many caravans destroyed or blown away, dangerous airborne debris, and widespread power failures.

Our thoughts are with local residents, and we hope that the storm will be more a marvel of the power of nature, than an instrument of widespread misery.

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