Day 2: Being touristy!

So this is where I’m staying, and I also have pics of the outside and a few pics of my room (see below). And for Jo Clarke, here’s a blue tardis! 🙂

As for today, I started with wearing heels this morning before realising that my feet still ached from yesterday, so reverted to my unattractive, but remarkably sensible leather shoes with rubber soles. I think my body has thanked me for it. While these shoes still have a bit of a heel, they are incredibly comfortable, and made the run around on public transport very easy today.

The day remained cloudy, and the wind whipped up almost as soon as I left the hotel. Even so, I was warm enough with the suit. I began the day by rescheduling my appointments with work duties till the next day and then hopped on the Underground to Piccadilly Circus, and from there ambled to Leicester Square and Covent Garden before heading up to Oxford Street, down the length of Oxford Street to Marble Arch at Mayfair and through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens before heading home. Then after a quick shower and small bit of business, I met up with Tonya for dinner tonight and had an absolutely fantastic time. We dined at Sarastro in Covent Garden, where people generally go after seeing a show at the West End. In addition to a fabulous meal, we were treated with string cabaret followed by opera cabaret, whereupon the weary girls (Tonya had just returned from a weekend in Italy) headed to their bases for an early night!

I don’t have pics of the evening session downloaded as yet, but you can check out the day shots (and commentary) from today’s adventures here!

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