Daylight Saving in SEQ (From London)

I am so proud of the efforts of my fellow Rotarian, John Burkett, in establishing the Daylight Saving for South East Queensland party and I would like to congratulate all who have put in so much effort into forwarding this issue.  I know when I was in Brisbane it was a constant struggle to educate people about how a split time zone could and would work in Queensland, and how differently SEQ experiences light when compared with Mt Isa and FNQ.  And I know just how hard it is to go through all the formal channels to establish a fully operating political party.  All other options have been denied South East Queenslanders, and in spite of 69% support in the region for DLS, the Queensland Government are still unmovable on the issue of introducing daylight saving either in the SEQ corner or across Queensland.  A political party is the only means of applying pressure to state government on the issue, and the DS4SEQ party is a great step toward realising the desires of so many people in Queensland.

I may be based in London now, but my interest in the issue in Queensland is still as strong as ever.  I want to do what I can to keep the issue alive too.  Anyone who is interested in being part of the DS4SEQ party, please let me know and I will happily put you in contact with the people who have done all the ground work in setting up the party.  This is a single issue party, so it doesn’t matter what side of politics you support; you are welcome simply to express your wish for DLS without there being any compromise to any other policy issue you hold dear. 

For more information, have a look at recent articles in the Courier Mail and Brisbane Times and to join the party, please contact me and I wil put you in touch with John Burkett. 

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