Daylight Savings again

I’ve been in the papers and on radio again regarding the Daylight Savings issue. New Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh is a supporter of DLS, but she’s against the split time zones. I’m still convinced that multiple time zones can work intra-state, but I’d be just as happy if the whole state adopted DLS en masse.

For those of you just visiting this blog because you’re interested in the debate, can I draw your attention to these resources on the issue:
My SEQ DLS petition (now closed)
– The older, state-wide e-petition
– An older essay I wrote, ‘Saving more than just daylight’
– A series of resources I collated some time ago on the issue
A flyer and an information sheet that Nick Lloyd developed this year (email for further information)
– Allan Clarke’s brochure on the DLS research set up by our former Premier Beattie.

A very big thanks also to the wonderful Charles Wooley for having me on his program on this issue again today. It’s always fabulous to speak with you Charlie and so fantastic to have your support!

Let’s bring Brisbane back into the light!

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