Daylight Savings for SE Qld!

I have begun a petition to introduce Daylight Savings for the Sth East Queensland corner. Now I REALLY need everyone’s help with this. I am unwilling to tell people to pass on an email to everyone they know, but if you can manage to get enough signatures on this petition, hopefully the legislators will see the light (quite literally) by the time Daylight Savings starts again in the southern states.

As someone who has to deal with time shifts for appointments every day of my life, I’m consistently frustrated with the changes between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane time over the summer months. I know I’m not alone. And those who cite the heat and the 1992 Referendum result as arguments against Daylight Savings have got to be kidding themselves don’t they? The population and business development in Brisbane and the Sth East Qld corner have changed dramatically over the past 14 years, so the 1992 referendum result is utterly irrelevant. The heat is less of a problem for the Sth East corner than for FNQ, and importantly, the light in this part of the world lends itself to Daylight Savings – instead of sunrise at 5am, and a hot and uncomfortable trip in to work at 7:30am, we’d have sunrise at 6am and arrive at work before the heat of the day sets in. Let’s face it, we live in the best part of the world for long balmy evenings. Yet even in the height of summer, the sun goes down before 7pm.

It’s time we woke up to the beauty of Daylight Savings and enjoyed this most gorgeous place at the end of a productive day. Please join me in signing this petition and bringing the Sth East Qld corner in line with the rest of the eastern seaboard.

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