Daylight Savings


All you Queenslanders who hate the fact that the antiquated, irrelevant and embarrassing history of arguments against Daylight Savings have so far inhibited Queensland’s capacity to work in the same time zone as the southern states, PLEASE sign the petition to enact Daylight Savings at

It may not actually do much as a petition, but if it draws enough signatures (in the order of millions) perhaps it will shake up the Federal Government to simply force all eastern states to adopt Daylight Savings en masse.

It’s time to stop listening to the irrelevant and insipid arguments of Far North Queenslanders who don’t want Daylight Savings. Schools and tourism ventures can always schedule their start and finishing times an hour later during the summer season, if Daylight Savings is so distasteful to them. And in the meantime, businesses that dominate the growing economy of Queensland can operate effectively. Time to wake up, Queensland. Show your support for Daylight Savings, now.

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