Democracy and basic unfairness

Democracy: Boingboing have a story about the generative tool called ‘Democracy’; an application developed by a non-profit initiative, and designed to allow users to create and share television content online. Needless to say, I’m fascinated to see where this goes. I can imagine several possibilities of good and evil uses of this technology. Of course the broadcasting agencies will all cry foul about pirated works, but I’m more concerned about opportunists who will co-opt, adapt and commercialise shared works without attribution. Interesting times. Well, for lawyers at least.

EDIT: Right on cue, this statement by a US district court judge (expressing the possibility that Google infringes the copyright of the company, Perfect 10, for producing thumbnails of their images) could impact rather negatively on the Democracy initiative before it’s even properly begun. Oh well.

Basic unfairness: In other news, most people know I share very little about what actually goes on in my life via this blog. Let me make it very clear I intend to keep things this way. Having said that, I’m now suffering from a stomach bug. I am now convinced the world is out to get me.

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