Diary Entries

I WILL be giving people a run down of the Ideas Festival properly in an entry over the weekend – I’ve just been flat out during the days and too distracted at night to get anything decent blogged. Suffice to say, I’m facilitating several of the events at the Ideas Festival, including the presentation from Cory Doctorow on Fighting the Future. The Ideas Festival program has now been launched and you can now see the full program of the event at the website. And it’s the 29th March – 2 April, so plan ahead!

I’ve also been requested to act as a panellist in the Vibewire e-conference over the period of 4-8 April. This is a conference for young people, in celebration of National Youth week, and I’ll be contributing to a session called Technology: Life in the New Millennium, where I’ll be exploring questions about the the use of new gadgetry and the influence of new technologies on the future of life.

It looks like I’ll be away in London a couple of weeks in June, pitching the business plan for one of the software products I’m project managing at the moment, but we’ll see about that.

Then on 1-5 July I’ve been invited to be participate in the 12th annual Australasian World Wide Web Conference, AusWeb 2006, at the Sunshine Coast. I’ll be reviewing some papers for that conference and probably will present a paper on the work I’m doing with incentivising collaboration using social software tools.

Later the same week (5-7 July) I’ll be presenting at the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Conference in Adelaide, where I’m presently reviewing papers and where I’ll also present a paper, this time on collaborative technologies for effective communication in business contexts.

Early in September (6th) I’ll be presenting a paper at a Society of Business Communicators breakfast on the value of blogging and wiki as tools for business communications, and late in September (27-30) I’ll be presenting a paper and an ACID workshop at the international Association for Internet Researchers Conference.

So it’s a busy few months ahead.

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