Ekka time in Brisbane

Today Ekka – the Royal Brisbane Exhibition – opens at the RNA Showgrounds and I have to say, I am sorely tempted to spend some of my weekend strolling through the mad mix of woodchoppers, farm animals, showbags and rides of the fairground. It is an absolutely sparkling morning here in Brisbane – bright and shiny and 20 degrees with vivid blue skies and trees bursting with early spring growth. I’m full of caffeine and sunshine today after chatting with an inspiring thinker about the future of collective cultures and political activism expressed through the medium of technologies, so I must admit I am in a good mood. (I dare anyone to challenge the beauty and medicinal glory of sunshine, warm coffee, fresh air and fabulous conversation.) But beyond my mood, it is also a great time of the year to enjoy all the public events on the calendar here at the moment. In addition to Ekka, there are free public lectures for Science Week coming up – both the BrisScience lecture on religion versus science on Monday, and a discussion of Australia’s Nuclear Future this Friday at the Queensland Museum. Then there’s the Brisbane International Film Festival still running, and there’s a great exhibition on the 1960s and the 1980s at the Museum of Brisbane. And there are concerts, dancing and competitions all over the place – it’s a great time of year to enjoy the sunshine, and participate. So I challenge all the locals to get out there and experience their city in what happens to be unusually settled and beautiful weather for this time of year, this weekend. Go to it and have fun!

EDIT: Yes, good point, Barry – the Straight Out Of Brisbane (SOOB) Festival is on too!

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