England ‘Heatwave’ Hype

Oh dear lord.  The media in England have gone nuts over the supposed ‘heatwave’ striking the region.  Every channel is talking about the dangers of heat exhaustion and the NHS has been put on a Level 2 Alert.

Let me just clarify for those outside the UK: the temperature over the past couple of days and forecast for the next few days has been between 28° and 32° Celsius.  It’s utterly delightful.  Overnight temperatures which cool down to the mid-high teens and warm, balmy days that are broken by the odd cool breeze or light tropical shower and thunderstorm.  Okay I come from a warm climate, but I’m actually quite intolerant of genuine heat and used to complain when my mother refused to put her air conditioner on at her home in weather over 30°. And in Brisbane, I used to turn my air con on regularly in hotter weather, using the ceiling fan overnight. But here in London you don’t need an air conditioner, nor even a fan. This is probably the best weather on the planet right now and all the locals can do is resort to the Voice of Doom.

Geez Brittanians! Just enjoy it for goodness sake. It happens so rarely, and it’s not remotely dangerous weather till it hits totals in excess of 35°, and you don’t have a breeze. Stop being such killjoys!

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