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Again another long period with no blogging. What’s come over me? I’m afraid it’s just work, folks!

I did want to remind people though, that the BrisScience event is on again tonight. Free entry, free drink and Terry Dartnell will be speaking on the rise of the cyborg, so it looks like being an entertaining event. It’s been profiled on ABC’s Articulate site, too, so feel free to read up on the lecture if you’re not a local!

Thanks also to Christine for a fab day at the LATT Children’s theatre show, the Shadow Thief, at QPAC’s Out of the Box childrens theatre festival. Was lovely to catch up with you hon!

Links of interest in the past week include:
– O’Reilly radar discussion about whether Flickr would give out the flickr API key as a means of exporting content to a competitor service
Analysis taken in to account in preparation of the European Parliament’s Software Patent Directive Project (Thanks Pete, Slashdot!)
TechCrunch assessment of Yahoo Hack Day (last Friday)
– Interesting article in the Guardian last Thursday on Net Neutrality
– I’ve been hitting the trend watching sites lately, trying to get across the recent big issues as a means of strategically planning and focusing market research, so Sense WorldWide, The Future Laboratory and have all been my regular reading in the last week (Thanks Pat!)
– In that vein, Google Analytics is getting awfully sophisticated as a advertising trend watching tool
– The EFF has just released a legal guide for bloggers
– In spite of the fact that Bill Gates is leaving his technology directorship role and Robert Scoble has left Microsoft as a corporate blogger, I think it may still be too early to use the rats leaving a sinking ship analogy.

There’s a whole heap more, but I need to get back to the daily grind. And thank you to all those who have sent healing vibes for my arthritis discomfort these past several weeks. It’s been a slwo road to recovery but I’m getting there. *hugs to you all!*

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